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Coiled Springs

Like the Jack-In-The-Boxes, Coiled Spring stocks are those that are quietly sitting around ready to make a move. They are stocks whose ADX Value has a value of 12 or below, which is quite rare and happens only once or twice for any stock in a given year.

This low value indicates that there is no clear winner in terms of upward (+DI) or downward (-DI) momentum, but one of them will win out eventually, and usually in a dramatic fashion, so be ready to pounce on them.

The stocks in this screen are sorted in ascending order by the lowest ADX Value seen for the week, so the stocks at the top of the table are the ones that are the most directionless and have the potential for the biggest moves.

Stocks in the Coiled Springs screen must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Lowest ADX Value seen during the week is 12 or below
See Coiled Springs table from several weeks ago.

FIC was a Coiled Spring stock on Apr24,2001 with an ADX Value of 12. It sprang forth in a dramatic fashion and jumped over 70% in 3 months.

(As Of Apr24,2001)
A very low ADX Value of 12
(As of Jul16,2001)
It advanced 71% in about 3 months
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