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Muscle Flexers

These are stocks that had at least an 8% advance during the week. The stocks are sorted in descending order by their percent advance for the week.

Pay attention to the Week Performance Ranking, because that will show you how a stock REALLY advanced compared to the others.

For example, there may be a stock that had a net advance for the week on above-average volume, but it may have had 3 days up on very light volume and 2 days down on very heavy volume, which isn't a good sign, and that should appear with a lower relative ranking... possibly a ranking of 40 or below if the down volume was particularly disturbing. You can see an example of this in the section describing Rankings.

If you want to see the REAL performers for the week, check out the stock screen called Cream of the Crop based on the Week Performance Ranking.

See Muscle Flexers table from several weeks ago.
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