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Business Categories

All stocks in our database are assigned one of our 38 Business Categories.

Companies engaged in similar types of businesses tend to move in groups, and we have several stock screens that show which Categories are making the biggest moves.

A more detailed description of our Business Categories are as follows:
  • Apparel - Clothing, Shoes, Textiles (both Manufacturers and Retailers).
  • Auto/Truck - Autos, Trucks, Mobile Homes, Recreational Vehicles, Parts (both Manufacturers and Retailers).
  • Banks/S&Ls - Banks, Savings&Loans.
  • Biotech - Biotechnology and Genetics.
  • Business Svcs/Supp - Business Services, Advertising, Printing, Publishing, Staffing, Waste Management, Office Equipment and Supplies. (Business Services specifically geared towards the Medical Sector are reflected in the Medical Business Services category).
  • Chems/Plastics/Etc - Chemicals, Plastics, Paper.
  • Computer Hardware - Computer Manufacturers, Storage, Memory, Networking, Peripherals, Robotics.
  • Computer Services - Computer Services, Internet Portals, ISP's, and assorted e-Commerce Sites. (Computer Services specifically geared towards the Medical Sector are reflected in the Medical Business Services category).
  • Construction - Residential and Commercial Building, Real Estate Operations, Construction Products and Supplies and Materials, Construction Services.
  • Drugs - Drug Manufacturers and Wholesalers.
  • Education - Schools, Educational Software.
  • Electronics - Electronics and Electrical Equipment.
  • Energy Production - Oil and Natural Gas Exploration, Production, and Refining.
  • Energy Svcs/Equip - Oil and Natural Gas Machinery and Equipment, Drilling, Electric Power, Utilities.
  • Financial Services - Consumer and Commercial Loans, Investment Brokers and Services, Mortgage Services, Renting and Leasing, REITs.
  • Food/Bev/Groc - Food and Beverage and Tobacco Products (Manufacturers, Retailers and Wholesalers), Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, Mini-Marts.
  • Gaming - Gaming and Casinos.
  • Insurance - Insurance and HMOs.
  • Machinery - Industrial and Agricultural Machinery.
  • Media - Television, Radio, Books, Newspapers, Magazines.
  • Medical Business Svcs - Software, Computer Services, Staffing, and assorted Business Services geared towards the Medical Sector.
  • Medical Facilities - Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Outpatient Facilities, Home Care.
  • Medical Instru/Supp - Medical and Dental Instruments and Supplies.
  • Medical Products - Medical Products.
  • Medical Services - Medical Services.
  • Metals - Gold, Silver, Precious Metals, Ores, Steel, and other Metals.
  • Personal Products - Jewelry, Cosmetics, Collectibles, Home Furnishings, Furniture, Carpeting, Lawn and Gardening, Household Appliances (both Manufacturers and Retailers).
  • Recreation - Video Games, Toys, Travel Services, Hotels, Recreational Products, Video Rentals, Movies.
  • Restaurants - Restaurants and Restaurant Supply Companies.
  • Retail - Retailers (not involved in existing Auto/Truck or Apparel or Food/Bev/Groc or Personal Products Categories).
  • Scientific/Technical - Scientific, Technical, and Measuring Instruments.
  • Security/Defense - Security Systems and Services, Correctional Facilities, Aerospace and Defense.
  • Semiconductors - Semiconductor Manufacturing and Equipment.
  • Software-Enterprise - Enterprise Software, Software for Business Management, Customer Relations, Workflow Management, etc.
  • Software-Other - Software for Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Digital Imaging, Network Performance Monitoring, Network Security, Internet Traffic and Content Management, Software Change Management (SCM), eBusiness, eCommerce, B2B, etc. (Software specializing in Education and Recreation are reflected in those categories. Software specifically geared towards the Medical Sector is reflected in the Medical Business Services category).
  • Telecomm Equip - Telecommunications Equipment.
  • Telecomm Svcs - Telecommunications Services.
  • Transportation - Airlines, Railroads, Ships, Trucking.
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