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Early Risers

These are stocks whose Relative Strength Lines hit new 52-week highs before their prices have hit new highs sometime during the week. Only those stocks that hadn't had a new price high in at least 5 weeks are presented. Many times, stocks that exhibit this kind of behavior go on to continue outperforming the market and break out to new highs in price. It is a good confirming signal to see in stocks that are in the Cups With Handle screen and Ceiling Bumpers screen.

Stocks in this screen are sorted in descending order by the number of weeks it has been since they had experienced a new high, so the stocks at the top of the table are those that have been basing the longest. There may be some stocks at the bottom of the table showing zero weeks, meaning that their RS Line hit a new high one day this week and the price followed suit on a subsequent day during the week.

See Early Risers table from several weeks ago.

EXPE's RS Line hit a new 52-week high in mid-April 2001 (as the market was just starting to come up from a bottom) even though its price was still 23% below its high. That ended up being a very prescient signal, as EXPE rocketed forth 184% from that point over the next 3 months.

(As Of Apr11,2001)
Relative Strength Line hit new 52-week high
though price still 23% below its high
(As of Jul19,2001)
Volume exploded 2 days later and
it went on to gain 184% in 3 months
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