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This screen gives you some insight as to what is happening in the current trading day. It lists all stocks (in our database) that are moving on at least 50% above average volume. A stock must also be advancing or declining at least 2% in order to show up on the screen. The one exception to this 2% rule is stocks that are achieving new highs... any stock that is hitting a new high on at least 50% above average volume is also included.

Separate tables are shown for advancing stocks and declining stocks and both are grouped by Business Category so that the categories with the most stocks with high-volume advances/declines are at the top of the table. The stocks within each category are then sorted in descending order by their percent advance/decline.

The previous trading day's Rankings are also shown for your reference. If a stock shows N/A in the Rankings columns, then it is either recently added to the database, or it has an IPO date that is too recent to calculate a 1-Year Performance Ranking and therefore has not yet appeared on any of our stock screens (stocks are not ranked until they have been around for at least 5-6 months).

Any stocks that have achieved a breakout from a consolidation of at least 4 weeks are noted, as are stocks that are within 5% of achieving a breakout, so that you can see which ones may be close to achieving new highs soon.

The table is updated periodically during the trading day so that you can see intraday movements and a final recap is shown at the market close, reflecting the entire trading day.

See DayWatch tables from several weeks ago.
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