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Potential Bulls

This screen allows you to find bullish MACD Crossovers (what we call Born-Again Bulls) before they happen.

If a 2% advance in the price of a stock would cause it to experience a bullish MACD Crossover the next day, AND if the stock has a bullish confirming signal of its Directional Movement +DI line above its -DI line, then it will be reported on this screen.

Potential Bulls that are expected to experience a Zeroline Crossover are sorted in ascending order by the number of weeks their MACD line spent below the Zeroline in bearish territory. Alternately, the Potential Bulls that are expected to experience a Moving Average Crossover are sorted in descending order by the number of weeks that the MACD line was below the Signal line. You can read a more detailed explanation of this strategy in the Born-Again Bulls section.

See Potential Bulls tables from several weeks ago.

CELL had been a big mover from Nov2002 to Mar2003 and then then pulled back over the next 3 months. It was reported as a Potential Bull on Jul03,2003 because almost any advance at all would bring its MACD above the ZeroLine. Sure enough, on the next trading day, it became a Born-Again Bull, and it gained a whopping 405% by October. (Note: CELL's price on Jul03 was actually around $12.69, not $5.64 as indicated in the chart... that's the split-adjust price... it has split 3:2 twice since that time).

(As Of Jul03,2003)
Potential Bull that had been below the
MACD Zeroline for about 2 months
(As of Oct16,2003)
The next day it became a Born-Again Bull
and soared 405% in 3.5 months
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