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Stock Screens for Subscribers:

Sample Stock Screen

Below is a Stock Screen from several weeks ago for those considering becoming a subscriber. It has links to actual screens that were generated on Oct21,2005. (Please make sure you review the Tutorial so that you have a good understanding as to how to use the screens in the most effective manner.)
The Week Ending Oct21,2005 gave subscribers many terrific candidates as they clicked through the charts in our Express Checkout screens. You can see these candidates too when you click on the Week Ending Oct21,2005 link above and go to the Express Checkout section.

In the Setups and Consolidations screen, subscribers found the following stocks before they broke out to big gains:

HITK (+46.2% from Oct21 to high point in 2005), HANS (86.9%), MCX (67.0%), PWEI (216.1%), URGI (48.8%), RBAK (49.2%), AOB (47.4%), CONN (41.1%), NMTI (86.9%), SPNC (43.6%), MFLX (77.7%), MIND (83.3%), ESLR (54.0%), CUTR (71.8%), HOLX (47.9%), NWRE (48.9%), ACR (44.1%), and TALX (40.4%).
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