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MACD calculates daily 12-26-9 MACD figures for all stocks in the database and makes use of the MACD behavior in many of its stock screens.

MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is a technical indicator developed by Gerald Appel. It is a trend-following indicator that makes use of 2 exponential moving averages of stock prices. The longer moving average (26-day EMA) is subtracted from the shorter moving average (12-day EMA) to plot a line that oscillates above and below zero. This Zeroline Crossover indicates bullishness when crossing above the line and bearishness when crossing below the line. Many traders use these crossovers as buy and sell signals respectively.

In addition, a 9-day EMA of this MACD Line is also plotted as a Signal Line. A Moving Average Crossover occurs when the MACD Line crosses above (bullish) or below (bearish) the 9-day EMA Signal Line.

Please visit for an excellent in-depth discussion on MACD. presents a stock screen for bullish MACD Crossovers called Born-Again Bulls. A table is presented for both Zeroline Crossovers and Moving Average Crossovers; however, the only bullish Moving Average Crossovers presented are those that occur ABOVE the Zeroline. In our experience, bullish Crossovers that occur BELOW the Zeroline are not always reliable and in our view it is preferable to wait for a Zeroline Crossover into bullish territory.

Conversely, the Dead-Again Bears screen presents MACD crossovers to the bearish direction.

Sites that present MACD Crossover signals are a dime a dozen. That's why we go a step beyond and also produce screens (called Potential Bulls and Potential Bears) that present stocks that are likely to experience an MACD crossover within the next day or two, so you can get a jump on things.
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