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Express Checkout creates a lot of stock screens, and as a whole, the data can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Thus the Express Checkout concept was developed. It allows you to focus on a concise list of stocks.

The only stocks reported in the Express Checkout screens are those with a 1-Year Performance Ranking of 70 or more. And as with all of our stock screens, links are provided to scan charts of just the Undiscovered Growth and Positive Growth stocks for those who are very discriminating in choosing their stocks.

There are two Express Checkout screens:
  • Setups and Consolidations - Stocks that are consolidating or setting up for a potentially bullish move
  • Breakouts - Stocks that have broken out to a new high (52-Week, 6-Month, 3-Month) this week
Along with the DayWatch screen, the Express Checkout screens are probably the only screens you will need to quickly focus in on a list of the best candidates.
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