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Express Checkout: Setups and Consolidations

These are stocks that are consolidating or setting up for a potentially bullish move; however, since this is an Express Checkout screen, only stocks with a 1-Year Performance Ranking of 70 or above are shown.

There are actually two screens of Setups and Consolidations. The first screen lists stocks that are within 15% of their 52-Week Highs. It is essentially a subset of the Cream of the Crop: Setups and Consolidations screen. The second screen lists stocks that are 16-40% below the old high . This is for those of you that are a bit more adventurous and like to get in early.

The stocks in these screen are those that appear in any of the following Setups and Consolidations screens: But in addition, they must also satisfy the following conditions:
  • The 52-Week High must be at least 4 weeks old (effective Apr21,2003: 2 weeks old)
  • Stocks may not be in the Gravity Defiers screen.
  • The 1-Year Performance Ranking is at least 70
The stocks are sorted in descending order of the number of weeks since their 52-Week High, so the stocks that have the longest bases will be at the top.

Stocks in these screens that break out to new highs during the week will be reflected in the Express Checkout: Breakouts screen.

See Express Checkout: Setups and Consolidations table from several weeks ago.
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